Infern0 Recruitment - READ BEFORE APPLYING

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Infern0 Recruitment - READ BEFORE APPLYING

Post by ForbiddenLove on Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:31 pm

(Forum still UNDER CONSTRUCTION - More clan information to follow)

  • Infern0
  • Level - 8
  • Clan Hall - Wild Beast Reserve
  • Alliance - Socialisers
  • Clan skills - Partial, but growing rapidly

We're seeking some new blood to fill our ranks. Above all we're a down to earth honest brotherhood, playing for fun who are there for each other no matter what. Lone wolf style is not our game and we strive to aid each other in all aspects of the game, from Exp/Gear/Raids too unquestionable loyalty against ALL enemies.

We'll accept all classes. All who are dedicated, mature, and will support thier fellow clannies through good times and bad are always welcome. Cardinals/Dominators are currently the MOST IN NEED but as mentioned, all classes are being accepted at this point in time.

- Rules -

The rules are pretty straight forward without trying to make it seem like a WW2 concentration camp:

  1. Loyalty amongst clan members.
    Disputes between clan members will be dealt with between those primarily involved and the Clan Leader/Sub Leader(s) privately.

  2. Overly vulgar and rude talk or comments to clan members - UNACCEPTABLE.
    Similar to above, cases becoming out of hand will be dealt with between the person(s) involved and the Clan leader/Sub Leader(s) privately. (We're realistic and can't expect everybody to like everyone, but you will respect each other to a certain degree.)

  3. Activity
    We expect all who join Infern0 to maintain activity. Now this doesn't mean 24/7 no lifeing; people work, go to school, have children to take care of etc and that's all perfectly fine. However, logging in once/twice a week with little too no play time (unless you have a valid reason given) jeopardizes your place in Infern0.

*Constant violation and disregard of said rules will result in an immediate expulsion from Infern0*

If you feel this clan is for you, that you want loyalty and brotherhood to go with your Lineage 2 gaming experience, then feel free to write your application in our "Recruitment" section by clicking the button "New Thread" located >>> HERE <<<, including a brief  general history of your L2 Career, what class you are aswell as any other classes you have and/or can operate.

Should you have any questions regarding Clan Infern0, contact one of our Leaders in game. You can send an in game mail or pm to one of the following:

  • Clan Leader

  • Sub Leader(s)

** All candidates applying for clan, we ask that you DO NOT create a forum account upon making your application, registration isn't necessary for this, just create your application unregistered as a guest. Once your application is submited and viewed by leadership and your talked to and accepted invite Infern0, only then will you be asked to create a forum account. **

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